About Us

About MPWR 

MPWR serves our clients by providing the highest quality process solutions for their business needs. We focus primarily on Lean Process Improvement, Business Process Transformation, System Integration, Migration and Automation, also including web and mobile commerce applications. Our services aid businesses in maximizing their profitability through process streamlining, technology integration, and improving the way customers are serviced. Our solutions create an interactive experience for the customer by giving them control over their choices and payment options.

People & Values

Our people are our advantage. Our people have a diverse skill set and professional background with experience in multiple industries. We are proud to help our clients confidently make their toughest business decisions. We’ve worked diligently to hone our creativity and innovation and passionately use those skills to solve problems and create opportunities.

What We Do

We make a difference in our clients’ lives by advising, designing, and executing world class business and merchant solutions. We use our knowledge and experience combined with the latest trends and proven methodologies to address your challenges. We pride ourselves on achieving compelling financial, operational, and strategic result, empowering organizations to excel.