Clover Mini

Clover™ Mini

Like every business owner, you want the luxury of managing your business without the day-to-day operations, like payments, getting in the way.

The sleek, flexible Clover™ Mini accepts swipe, EMV chip, and NFC payments (like Apple Pay®) right out of the box. Not only can it accept virtually all payment types, but it has the ability to scale to a full point-of-sale. Specialized apps from the Clover Market makes running your business easier.

Small But Powerful

Clover Mini is lightweight and small-statured. It won’t dominate your counterspace. The bright touchscreen is large enough for customers to complete their transactions with ease.

Why Choose Clover™ Mini?


Designed for speed and reliability


End-to-end encryption for safe transactions


Multitask with apps for whatever your business needs


Vibrant touchscreen with signature capture


Convenient Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connectivity